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Why students shouldn't wear a tie clip, handerkchief, or a 3-piece suit

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Networking & Reputation
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b2ap3_thumbnail_tie-handkerchief-and-three-piece-suit.jpgHow you think you look: suave, smooth, and like Justin Timberlake meets Johnny Depp. 

How you actually look: Like an (ahem) d-bag. 

I'd like to introduce a simple concept today: high risk, low reward. 

When you crack a joke with a consultant that you think will go over well, that's high risk but high reward. If you genuinely make him or her laugh, you've immediately won someone over. If they don't find it funny, they probably aren't going to go out of their way to ding you. 

Now high risk, low reward is the opposite. When you wear a tie clip, handkerchief, 3-piece suit, slick back your hair, bust out your best cufflinks, and flip that fedora onto your head, you are going to bring out 2 potential responses:

1. (1% of the population): "Woah, that guy knows how to dress. We need to invest time in getting to know and then hiring him"

2. (99% of the population): "Ugh."

In the most likely-case (high risk), a consultant dismisses you and thinks you don't know how to dress appropriately. In the best case (low reward), a consultant spends more time and energy getting to know you. 

So don't even think twice about it. Give that fedora back to Johnny Depp (let's face it, only he can pull it off), leave the 3-piece suit to Don Draper, put out your cigar, and pour out the scotch.


  • John Michaels Jul 23, 2013

    Don Draper doesn't wear a 3-piece suit...

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Guest Jun 16, 2019