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Posted by Khaled Kteily on in All About Consulting

As interviews are heating up and the offers start rolling in, you should be taking the time to consider what's really important to you. For some it will be culture, for others it will be prestige, flexibility, or project work. 

I know that when I was going through the recruiting process, I cared about all of those things. Flexibility was probably the lowest on my list - I wanted to come in, work hard, do a good job, and then figure out what comes next.I'll be at the two and a half year mark soon - putting me just around the median tenure for a consultant. And what you don't realize as a student - or what you talk yourself into downplaying - is that consulting is hard work, man!

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A quick site update for everyone - we recently updated the site's subscription settings, so that you don't have to register for the site and subscribe to the blog separately. If you register for the site, then you are automatically subscribed to receive blog updates as well, which we think makes a lot more sense. 

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A number of firms have "non-evaluative" mechanisms in place to help candidates feel comfortable. McKinsey had their non-evaluative buddies, BCG has a non-evaluative coffee chat, and almost all firms have their "pre-interview dinner". Ultimately, the goal is to let the candidates be themselves and learn about the firm in a non-threatening environment. Below I discuss what the phrase non-evaluative really means.

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Success Stories

Yet another McGill success story - this Finance student reached out to me after using The MCN's resources to prep for their consulting interviews. They received and accepted an offer from BCG in 2012. They've shared some great advice for prospective interviewees as well as some insight into why consulting and why BCG.