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Posted by Khaled Kteily on in All About Consulting

Today's post is a guest post from Badreddin Edris, a member of the MCN Advisory Board. After completing his PhD at Stanford and working at Bain for the last couple of years, he's familiar with the sustainability of a demanding lifestyle. He writes today about his tips on avoiding burnout in management consulting. b2ap3_thumbnail_burnout.gif

  1. Prioritization - becoming really good at knowing what is high-value work for your firm and client, and orienting your time to only working on those high-leverage efforts, will avoid needless hours spent doing busywork that doesn't contribute much to the answer you're driving towards. This is something that you learn with experience (pattern-matching) and that you have to force yourself to do on a daily basis (ruthlessly prioritization outstanding tasks).

I'd like to begin by welcome the newest member of our Advisory Board, Badreddin Edris.


A longtime supporter of the MCN, Badreddin is a Stanford PhD in Genetics and is now a Consultant at Bain & Company, where he focuses on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. In addition to winning more awards and being published in more journals than he knows what to do with, Badreddin will be contributing to the MCN on various topics, including how to break into consulting as a graduate student. (Full bio below)

His first post is on the qualities that students must demonstrate in order to break into consulting. As a reminder, any and all posts on the MCN represent a personal viewpoint and are in no way, shape or form intended to represent an employer's views. See here for more details.