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Site updates and new registration system in place

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Site Updates
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A big thanks to our loyal fans - who have already provided some great feedback about the new changes. Apart from a complete technical upgrade (faster load times and some nifty new features), the organization of the site has changed. In the past, we had received feedback that the material was awesome but overwhelming for someone without much time to prepare for their interviews. Our content is now organized as follows:


1. Overview - a review of the 5 key steps to gain the most benefit from the site's materials

2. The 6 Steps to Success - the comprehensive, 75+ page guide to the recruitment process (organized in 6 easy-to-follow sections)

3. Published Content - Workshop slides, consulting booklet, and firm-specific advice. The essentials of the recruiting process (if you don't have time to go through the 6 steps to success)

4. Additional Content - Everything else that might come in handy. Recommended reading, compiled blog posts from leading experts, and a document database that's being used by members for sharing useful materials. 

One more change - previously, all user accounts were manually reviewed and approved by - now, any student registering for the site will get immediate access to all site content. Consultants and recruiters will still need to have their account manually approved.

As before, registration is absolutely FREE.

If you have any feedback, thoughts, or comments, please drop us a line. We're pretty friendly.

And yes, Rebecca Black still pops up on Fridays. You're welcome.



  • Zi You Jan 28, 2013

    This is just a very awesome website. I don't know what elas I can say. I benefited tremenously from the material on this site.

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