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McGill students - is case class a substitute for case preparation?

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Preparing For Interviews
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Short answer: Unfortunately not!

Long answer: Click through to read why not.

The first time I applied for consulting firms, I had taken case class with Prof. Donovan and had done fairly well. With ICBC and JDC under my belt and the Georgetown BSC coming up, I was confident that my success in case class took me most of the way to being prepared for my case interviews.

While case class remains the reason why I was interested in consulting, and was one of my best experiences at McGill, successfully solving a case in a group of 4 is very different from being asked to solve a case by yourself in 30 minutes. A few of the key differences:

1. The pressure of the interview

2. Not having peers to discuss your ideas with

3. Having to answer math questions quickly and on the spot

4. The behavioural component

Even if you've done well in case class, this doesn't exempt you from having to put in the time to practice for your case interviews. Your experiences will help you generate great ideas during the case, and will provide "proof" of your interest in consulting, but for your interviews you're still going to have to practice!


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