A thank you to Nevin Kamath from The Case Coach for his post about this data. Take a look at the following chart to see the results of a Bain case study and click through to get some further insight into the ups and downs of the consulting lifestyle.


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You think your 5 courses and extracuriculars are keeping you busy? Try working in consulting. You think being an entry-level consultant is tough? Try being an associate. The reality is, when you're a new consultant, you only have to manage one way: upwards. The second you hit the next levels in the profession you have to managed upwards, downwards, and to your clients as well. Life gets a lot more difficult.

So what do you, as a manager, want more than anything? A consultant who will JFDI - just f****** do it. The less they have to run after you, error check your work, and tell you what to do, the more time they have for client management, upwards management, and golf. As a consultant, one of the skills that will endear you to your managers is being results-oriented. This means a few things:

1. Figuring out your own workstream. Coming up to your manager and saying "hey, here's my plan for the day and here are my priorities. Is that fine with you?" will give your manager the peace of mind to let you work by yourself.

2. Sending in progress updates. A quick e-mail in the morning and evening with updates will reassure your manager that you're making good progress.

3. Minimizing how much of their time you take up. This means putting together a list of questions to ask and getting through them in a 10-minute call twice a day rather than going to them every hour or two.


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Very small. Find out why:

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