About The MCN










The MCN was founded in June 2011, by a McGill alumnus, with 1 main goal in mind: to improve students' performance in the consulting recruitment process. Today, the network is supported by a team of advisors who provide firsthand insight into the consulting recruitment process and represent almost every major consulting firm - McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, and more.

What content is available to members?

The content of the site is designed to be accessible to students of all backgrounds, and with different preparation time available - whether you have one week or 3 months before your interviews, whether you are an Arts major, a PhD student, or a Commerce student, you will find cleanly-organized material that is relevant to your needs. 

The site is a consolidated database of information, guides, and case prep books created or curated by The MCN team. This includes over 100 pages of content based on firsthand experience, dozens of compiled posts from the leading experts in consulting recruitment, and key interview preparation material that is tailored to meet different students' needs. 

Where does the content come from?

The site is based on the collective knowledge of The MCN founder and advisors, representing their extensive recruitment experience and understanding of the consulting world.

The initial idea for the site came after the founder received 18 first-round interview invites, attending 13, receiving 12 final-rounds, attending 8, and receiving 4 full-time offers before accepting an offer from Oliver Wyman. This turned into a 7-hour workshop presented to McGill students in 2011, and has grown considerably since then, shaped and expanded upon by feedback from recruiters and consultants. 

If you are interested in contributing to the site - as an advisor or as a student - please contact us. We'd love to hear from you. 

Is the site free to access?

If you are a McGill student, then yes! All McGill students will have completely free access to the site. What do we get in return? A warm, fuzzy feeling and the knowledge that we've done something meaningful for our alma mater. We also mine your credit card information and sell it to advertisers (Just kidding). 

For all other students the site is free - but for a limited time only. 

Is The MCN endorsed by or affiliated with a specific company, university, or organization?

The MCN is purely a personal initiative and is not endorsed by any company, university, or organization. The opinions expressed on this site are written in a personal and unofficial capacity; they in no way represent the official position of any entity.

This is taken very seriously by The MCN team; while we strive to provide an unbiased and accurate view of the recruitment process to the greatest extent possible, the recruitment process is highly confidential. As such, under no circumstances will any 'insider information' or proprietary material be shared with members. If you have any concerns or knowledge about such information being shared, please contact us immediately. 

Who is allowed to become a member?

Currently, and for a limited time only, the site is open to students from any university and consultants from Top-10 firms. Universities with registered members include Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, McGill, CBS (Denmark), LBS (UK), NUS (Singapore), AUC (Cairo), HKUST and many others. Registered consultants are current or previous consultants from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, (previously) Monitor Group, Accenture, Deloitte, and others.