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A warning against mass mailings

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Preparing Your Applications
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At McGill, our management faculty is large enough that a few scandals can go forgotten from one year to the next. Unfortunately, at schools like Queen's or Ivey, these stories stick around for a lot longer. Here's one from the shared memory about mass mailings.

A student at one of Canada's leading business schools was looking for a job in consulting, and decided that the best way to reach out to the network of the school was to send out a mass, mail-merge e-mail to dozens of bankers and consultants. For those of you that don't know, a mail-merge will send out a number of e-mails and change the e-mail address and name accordingly.

Sure, consultants and bankers are busy people - but never too busy for a good laugh. The student messed up the names on the mail-merge as well as the formatting, so he addressed one senior banker by the wrong name, and with his name showing up in a different font from the rest of the e-mail.

The response? A paragraphs-long e-mail essentially wiping the floor with this poor guy. The kicker? The banker who sent the reply bcc'ed ALL of his consultant and banker contacts in Toronto. Within minutes, the e-mail spread and is now part of this school's legend. The student ultimately found a job in banking... in the US.


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