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3 simple ways to make sure your application doesn't get trashed

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Preparing Your Applications
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As a consultant, attention to detail is critical. Don't mess up your chances with one of these simple mistakes:

1. For the love of all things holy and sacred in this world, do NOT attach the wrong cover letter to your application! Student applications can and will get rejected for this reason alone (no matter how strong your CV is).

2. Make sure that the formatting of your CV is perfect. When you're going to be spending hours working on a PPT or Excel that has to be just right, this is one of the quickest ways to call into question your ability to get simple things right.

3. Clarify what % rank your GPA falls into. Your resume may be reviewed by consultants who didn't graduate from your university. When GPA is one key indicator of your performance in university, make it as easy as possible for a consultant to see how you've fared relative to your competitors. If you're Dean's list, then put Top 10% in brackets after your GPA. When a consultant is reviewing dozens of resumes, you want to make their life as easy as possible.


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